How To Password Protect Your Online Life

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“If I visit a dating website, she’ll get to know”

There are a lot of risks that you take by doing absolutely anything online. Just by visiting a dating website, even if it’s a site about cheater dating scams, your wife could get suspicious! There’s a quick fix for this, and it has everything to do with password protecting absolutely everything. If you have weak passwords that she will be able to guess, she is going to find out that you are cheating in no time flat. Go the extra mile and make sure that everything is under proper lock and key. You won’t regret it when your wife continues to be none the wiser!

What Not To Use As A Password

“Don’t use a password that is related to you or your wife”

She’s your wife. She knows you, has probably been married to you for a while, and knows a lot about you. That’s the key; she knows things like your birthdate, your social security number, and obviously, your address and pet names. Those things are going to be dead giveaways for passwords, so skip on those and figure out something more complicated. It isn’t anywhere near secure enough to use your birthdate as a password in the first place, so save yourself the drama of having your e-mail hacked!

This also goes for security questions on your account. Often times, they are questions dealing with your family or your pets, or even where you met your spouse. If you don’t want her to be able to guess this sort of thing easily, then don’t provide actual and proper answers. So long as you remember the answers and she can’t get access to your account, that’s the important thing!

Unfortunately, if these sites need to you use your actual birthdate and social security number, there’s no chance to actually forge anything. You’ll just have to hope that she’s forgotten your social, too, or that she isn’t going to sit around and wonder about why you’ve been on a bunch of review sites for cheater dating scams.

How To Choose A Good Password

“A strong password is a mix of alphabets, symbols and numbers”

This doesn’t just go for online sites; this goes for your actual computer, too. Make sure you set it up so that a password is required whenever a screensaver goes on, and make that come up about every minute. That way, if you walk away from the computer and she is home, there won’t be much of a chance for her to accidentally walk in and see that you’re on a dating site!

There are a few different tactics for choosing a good password, but again, don’t use something that she’d know about, like the names of your kids or pets or even the name of the city where you two met. Randomize words and letters. Make a completely random code that only you will remember. If you still want to use an actual word, replace the letter “O” with a zero. Things like that will keep her the heck out of your accounts, and possibly, off of your computer entirely. If she asks why you’re so worried about security, tell her it’s for work, and that you’re required to do it. She isn’t going to question that!

Make A Mental List Of All Your Accounts

“Password protect all the bank accounts from which you have made a purchase”

Don’t just password protect your e-mail accounts properly. Make sure you are password protecting that extra bank account you have on the side. Password protects your computer, your cell phone, and every single site that you have ever signed up for on online dating. Password protects your membership to a bunch of different lingerie sites, or she will be able to log-on there and see that your orders haven’t been gifted to her in any recent memory!

This sort of detail is what is going to save you from getting caught. If you have proper password protection measures in place, it won’t matter that you were surfing the web to see which cheater dating sites were scams. She won’t be able to find out, and that’s the most important part.

Don’t Forget Social Networking

“Don’t forget to password protect your social networking accounts”

Unfortunately, these sites can be the death of you. A lot of men forget that social networking is literally open to anyone online, and if your wife gets your passwords to any of these sites, she will have full access to any messages that you have ever sent. Facebook is one of the scariest places you can have records of your affair on. Your wife will realize very quickly if she logs onto here and sees your chat logs, your message logs, and the fact that you have been ‘liking’ absolutely everything on your mistress’s wall. When push comes to shove, it might be smarter not to even add your mistress on Facebook, but that’s your prerogative. The point here is: don’t forget to extra-protect your passwords on here and make them nigh impossible for your wife to guess, and don’t forget to sign out of these sites every time that you use them!

Don’t Just Sign Out

Signing out of sites isn’t enough anymore. Internet browsers try to be extremely helpful and remember all of your login information so that you don’t have to type it in in the future. Unfortunately, this makes it incredibly easy for your wife to find out your information by simply clicking a button and logging into see what you were doing.

You can disable this easily enough, or just remember to click the “do not remember me” button whenever your internet browser prompts to try and do so. If you do this, there isn’t much for you to worry about. You can also periodically wipe your browsers’ cookies as well as cache, and that way, it will have no memory of your passwords at all. While this might be obnoxious for you to do every time you leave the computer, little touches like this will keep your wife oblivious to what you are doing on the side for quite a long time.

Don’t Forget Separate E-mail Addresses

Honestly, you shouldn’t be using the same e-mail address for your affair that you are using for every other e-mail that you get. If you try to skirt that dangerous line, you will feel paranoid every time your wife picks up your phone to find an e-mail in your inbox that has a coupon for today’s shopping. Create a special e-mail address just for your use on affair websites or for your mistress to contact you, and make sure that one is in no way connected to your other e-mails. Make the name completely different, and make sure that it doesn’t relate to you, your job, or where you live. That way, it will be almost impossible for your wife to figure out about you and your mistress.

Obviously, there are a lot of ways to cover your tracks. Password protecting absolutely everything about your online life is one of the best ways, and it isn’t as hard as a lot of people want to make it out to be. You don’t need special programs to keep your computer safe from your wife; you just need to be smart, and pick the right passwords so she can’t figure them out. Don’t make it obvious, and she won’t be able to figure it out. For some more tips, check the real affair site rating. Here One of the Oldest Cheating Sites Was Reviewed. See the Results. Get some new insights to cheater dating and how to never get caught online.

3 Best Smartphones To Create A Stir In 2014

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5
Smart phones are moving unbelievably at a fast pace. You are amazed to see the latest phone that hit the market and in the next few days you have something waiting with many more special features. Are you planning to buy a new Smartphone? Have a look at the phones that have not yet been launched but are anticipated to be launched soon.

LG G Flex – Sure to raise many eyebrows

Introducing the LG G Flex
Introducing the LG G Flex
It is a curved 6-inch phablet. A curved phone is sure to attract the attention of anyone. Being one of the first of the two curved phones introduced in the market, it is of no wonder that this phone is expensive. Experts have predicted that by the year 2018, the Smartphone world will be ruled by these curved phones. LG G Flex has a curvature of 700 mm. The banana shaped phone can indeed be flexed and flattened. Because of its flexible nature and curved shape, the risk of scratching is high. That is why the makers have added an important feature – a self healing finish at the back. The curved screen assures excellent viewing angles. The screen is bright and can be viewed sharply even in outdoors. The resolution does not seem to be very high. The battery is long lasting. LG’s new creation is certainly stunning and admirable.

Samsung Galaxy Round – A novelty that has come to stay

Samsung Galaxy Round
Samsung Galaxy Round
It has a unique bowed screen. Do you think that the unique bowed shape is just for style alone? No, ti has many advantages. The unique shape makes it the most comfortable phone that you have ever held in your hands. It is so comfortable to be cupped in your hands and in your ears and to be held in your pockets. It has many viewing benefits too. It does look flat when you leave it on your table. The curve becomes noticeable when you handle it. The phone seems to hug your ears and cheeks. It has a 5.7 inch display. Watching movies and playing games in the Samsung Galaxy Round will definitely give you an enjoyable experience. With so many pluses, round seems to be the shape of the phones in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Which Smartphone will you buy?
Which Smartphone will you buy?
There are rumors that the Galaxy S5 is to be released by February 2014. It has been almost confirmed that Galaxy S5 will be launched with a metal body. The eye-scanning unlocking will be its unique plus. This helps in giving your phone the maximum protection. The screen could have extra sharpness and improved color performance. It is rumored that this new phone from Samsung may have 16MP camera. The phone would probably be black in color and would be super slim. The experts are predicting that the shell would be hardly noticeable and would definitely be a dream phone. Its success has been guaranteed even before its launch.

Keep your eyes and ears open to know more about the upcoming phones. There are a lot more to be launched with lot more best features.

How To Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

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How to catch a cheating partner
How to catch a cheating partner
At some point in your life you are bound to feel a little insecure about your relationship. It’s human instinct to have a feeling of jealousy if your partner sees anyone else for coffee or a meeting. The fear of infidelity is not shocking, though you may feel worried about nothing. If you observe some serious changes in his behavior, it might be a warning that he is getting close with someone else. Here are some tips to find out if your partner is cheating on you:

1. His text history is always clean

You must know a lot of things about your partner. If suddenly he has started deleting his text history and doesn’t give much attention to what you have to say when he’s texting, it’s a sign that he is spending too much time texting another woman. It won’t be a threat as long he doesn’t feel like hiding it. But if he is deleting his texts, it means that he feels guilty, so you need to keep an eye out for an outsider who might want to steal him away.

2. Your partner attends his calls in private

When two people live together, there is nothing to hide. If recently your partner has felt the need of attending to his phone alerts privately and makes his calls only when you leave the room, it might be because of a secret relation flaring up between him and some woman he has started seeing. If he shuts his phone and ends the call whenever you catch him in the middle of it, you need to be on alert.

3. He maintains secret social media accounts

Social media accounts
Social media accounts
If your partner has a social media account or an email address that he has recently started using a lot and hides his internet activity from you, it might be due to the fact that he has started long chats with a new woman he met. There is no other apparent reason to keep a hidden account and use it without letting your partner know. If you find some proof of such activity, your partner might be cheating on you.

4. He is concerned more about his appearance

If your partner is spending less time with you and more time on trying to look his best, this sudden interest in his physical appearance might be an alarming sign for you. If he is going out with the new woman, he’d want to impress her by dressing well. So if he has started grooming himself without any reason, watch out for yourself.

5. He has picked up a different scent

Is he cheating on you?
Is he cheating on you?
The scent of a woman is pretty compelling in proving that your partner is guilty of cheating on you. If you notice a different scent on him, you should know that it might be due to the close time spent with another woman.

The above signs can help you decide if your beloved is loyal to you or not. Though these are not conclusive, but these will sure help you out in deciding for yourself.

Healthy Food For Kids – Innovation Is The Key

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You worry about your family´s health... Specially the children
You worry about your family´s health… Specially the children

It is tough to manage your kid’s taste buds while not compromising on the nutrient value of the food. This challenge has become tougher these days due to availability of junk food choices to your kids. However, a little innovation in healthy food items cannot only make them tastier but also healthy for your kids. Here are some food items that are not only healthy but your kids will love them.

Kids love cheese

If you ask kids what do they like the most, 7 out of 10 will say they love cheese. Cheese is also good for kids as it gives them the energy required to do their daily activities. Cheese also has the much-required protein for kids. Use cheese to make innovative dishes like home baked pizza, cheese crackers and healthy sandwich with a slice of mozzarella cheese.

Be innovative with milk

Drinking milk is essential for their health
Drinking milk is essential for their health

Milk is a very important part of a growing kid. However, if your kids detest milk then you need to be a little innovative with that. Kids generally do not like milk because of its smell. Make the milk more consumable by adding flavor to it. Make a chocolate shake by adding dark chocolate syrup to it. Also, you can make a banana milk shake or milk based smoothie to make milk tastier for your kid. Alternatively, make a chocolate pancake using coca powder, milk and eggs as a healthy snack item.

Fruits are the way

Fruits are very important for your kid and arguably the most ignored item. Make a fruit smoothie with blueberries, bananas, kale and pineapple. Bananas are high in vitamin B6 and pineapple is rich in vitamin C. Kids love the variety in color. Some studies have suggested that kids get tempted to eat a colorful food easily as compared to a dull but may be tasty food. Fruits give a good color variety. Use different fruits not only to add nutrition but also to add color to the snack.


Homemade “junk food”

Kids love junk food outside. Therefore, you need to find an alternative for burgers, pizza and other unhealthy items. Make home made snack items like chicken kebabs with colorful sauces. Presentation is the key in food. Chicken is high in protein and kids love it. A chicken stick is your perfect answer to KFC and the likes. Make interesting sauces using peanut and ketchup. Kids would love peanut sauce with it.

Eggs are important for breakfast

Cooking together they'll learn to love the food they eat
Cook together & they’ll learn to love healthy food

Eggs contain protein and energy required for your kids. Use innovative techniques to make different variety of dishes using eggs. Chocolate pancake that uses eggs is a good way to answer to your kid’s taste buds without compromising on their health. Make an egg and cut it into heart shape or any other innovative shape using a cutter to make the breakfast interesting.

Kids love color and presentation more than we adults do. Therefore, make sure that you keep your kids interested in home based healthy foods by adding color and shape to the regular foods. This will not only make the food healthy but more appealing to the kids.

Deciding Between Debt And Equity

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Learn your financing options
Learn your financing options
If you have a large investment portfolio you need to make your decisions strategically before diving it into various asset categories. Two major asset categories that you would need to play with to optimize returns on your investment portfolio are debt and equity.
Debt instrument may include fixed deposits, fixed income funds, debt funds, corporate bonds etc. Equity instruments generally include direct equity investments, equity mutual funds and private equity investments.

The question is how to decide between equity and debt in your investment portfolio?

Understanding Equities is important

Equities are high risk and high reward investment instruments. Equity markets go through several ups and downs and can be unpredictable in the short term. However, studies have shows that historically equities are known to offer an average return of ten to twelve percent in the longer term. Longer term may be a five-year term when all business cycles have played out and balanced each other. In most economies long term equity instruments do not attract tax liabilities whereas the short terms do.

Understanding Debt is important

Deal with your debt
Deal with your debt
Debt as an asset class is low risk and low reward. It offers a fixed return on your instrument that is generally compounded quarterly or bi-annually. Debt as an asset class does not have any tax advantages. Hence, it is important to calculate the net returns after tax. These returns are rarely able to beat inflation rate. Hence money lying in debt may be safe but loses its value over time. However, it is still better than idle cash in your account.

Understand your risk and investment profile

How to design your portfolio depends on your risk and investment profile. Several factors may be taken into account while understating it. For example, your basic temperament plays a key role in understating your risk profile. You may be an aggressive, balanced or a conservative investor based on your temperament.

An aggressive investor is one who wants to make most of every opportunity that he or she sees in the market. These investors are ok with their portfolios turning negative in the short term. They have a larger appetite for risk. Their market outlook is mostly positive and their return expectation is very high. They are likely to maintain about 70 percent of their investment portfolio towards equity and remaining towards debt and cash. Their cash component of portfolio is generally very minimal. They like to keep their last penny invested in the markets.

Conservative investors on the other hand are passive investors who like to play with the market averages. They like to play on low risk and are okay with lower profits. They like to maintain at least six months of their living expenses as cash and play with the rest amount in the equity and debt markets.

Take a calculated risk
Take a calculated risk
Apart from temperament towards risk and rewards your age also plays an important role in deciding your allocation of funds between debt and equity. It is generally said the younger you are, the more risk you can afford to take as you have a long lifetime ahead to balance it out. Also your needs are also more when you are younger. A thumb rule to calculate the equity allocation is
100 minus your age. Therefore, if you are 25 years old, your allocation towards equity should be 75 percent.

While you may choose to make your investment decisions on your own, at times it is a good idea to fire a financial expert. If you do not wish to spend extra money on the services of a financial expert, you may also invest into balanced funds that take care of rebalancing the portfolio basis on your investment risk profile and market changes.

Choosing The Best Networking Company

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Networking is the new way to do business
Networking is the new way to do business
Sometimes not all we hear turns out the way we interpret it. If you something good, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s truly something good. Never indulge or take a risk based on something you cannot prove it really works until you can prove it for sure.
When it comes to money or business matters, you cannot gamble or get caught immediately consenting based on others who just want to pursue what you can give them in return. The risk is too great and maybe in the end you’ll be losing more than you invested.

When you choose the right networking company, success is most likely guaranteed. However, its success will rely or continue to depend on what you are doing. But the most important thing you need to do first is to assure your investment doesn’t go to waste and it will all depend on your decisions.

Research the Company

Research the Company before making your move
Research the Company before making your move
Many will surely offer you in detail what their networking company can do for you and all its benefits installed when you apply. A company will best be proven depending on its years of its existence and its success in drawing in potential revenues.

You can achieve this by doing extensive research about the company. You need to know everything from its foundation to its goals and objectives. Also, research on the management team and rate their performance. You can validate the company’s reputation if it’s good.

The Compensation

One will always go for a company that offers the best compensation plan. This means than you get the most returns from your investment. However, that doesn’t always go out as well as you hoped it would be.

You need to first carefully examine the compensation plan. It may go well for you at first, but the important factor is you get more profit on a long-term basis. There should be consistency with your income generating network.

Products and Services

A company is renowned by its products and services which most people need or want. This is a factor proven that you can generate income. You need to choose which product or service you wish to anchor your network marketing.

Choose the best Networking Company for you
Choose the best Networking Company for you
Once you’ve chosen them, you need to organize your strategic plan to endorse them to the right people and in return, making money from them. You will also get commission from sales.
Your choice will be the deciding factor of your dreams towards success. Make sure you make the right decision in choosing the best company for you to invest your money. In return, you will be satisfied with the results. Generating income is always a cause for happiness from the hard work you put in to be in the position you’re in now.